Friday, 14 December 2012

Here I am!

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Comprehension questions

1.    In which African country is the Kingdom of Benin located?

2.  Name the blogger for this entry.

3.  Who is being blogged about?

4.  Who provided the historical facts for the blogs?

5.  How many web links are provided in this blog?

6.  Which of the web links provide Oba of Benin timeline?

7.  On which of the web links can you find information on Oba Oduduwa, the Oni of Ile-ife?

8.  How many Obas (kings) have ruled the Kingdom of Benin?

9.  The city of Benin was enclosed by a ...?

10.               What reasons does Princess Iyomon give for not being precise with dates?

11. What is the name of the Oba during whose reign Princess Iyomon begins her blogs?

12.               What happened to this Oba (king)?